About Us

Moroni Feed Credit Union was organized on December 10, 1969 by AD Shepherd. Forty Five people were in attendance. AD Shepherd was elected temporary chairman with Mark Christensen as temporary clerk.

The first Annual Meeting for the credit union was held on February 12, 1970 at the Moroni Processing Plant. In 1970 there were 23 members of the credit union. As of September 2010 there are approximately 7,670 members of the credit union.

Moroni Feed Credit Union moved operations from a little office at Moroni Feed Company to downtown Moroni in June 1994. This move created many changes for the credit union such as a longer hours, more convenient location, drive-up window and checking accounts. In November 1999 Moroni Feed Credit Union expanded to Ephraim bringing drive-up service for the first time to Ephraim Residents. In January 2000 the credit union started offering VISA Debit & Credit cards to the membership. In May 2003 our new E*Teller with check view was setup offering Internet access to all members. In the spring of 2004 the credit union was approved to be able to serve the citizens of Sevier County in our field of membership. Our current field of Membership consists of the citizens of Sanpete County, Sevier County and Employees and Patrons of Moroni Feed Company.

We opened the Gunnison Branch inside of Gunnison Market in August 2004.

We opened the Mt. Pleasant Branch just east of Terrel’s Thriftway in January 2008.

Due to our growing field of membership and continued growth we decided we needed to change the credit union name from Moroni Feed Credit Union to Utah Heritage Credit Union. We were approved by the State of Utah for the name change in March 2009.

Utah Heritage Credit Union currently has many services to offer our members such as Certificates of Deposits, Free Checking, E*Teller with check view, Online Bill Pay, VISA Debit & Credit Cards, Money Markets, Consumer Loans, Mortgage Loans, Home Equity Lines of Credit and much more.

The current members serving on the Board of Directors for the credit union are Susan Larsen, Claude Pickett, Jeff Anderson, Cody Beck and Branch Cox. The current members serving on the Supervisory Committee for the credit union are Janice Hintze, Carey Ivory and Lois Wrubell.