Membership & Eligibility

The members of Utah Heritage Credit Union will be:

  • Employees or patrons of Moroni Feed Company
  • Members of the immediate families living in the same household, associations and organizations of such persons with loans to such associations and organizations not to exceed their shares and/or deposits
  • Employees of Utah Heritage Credit Union; all residents of Sanpete County, all residents of Sevier County; and immediate family members, associations and organizations of the aforementioned groups

Members of the Credit Unions who terminate their membership will be allowed to rejoin the Credit Union only if they will be productive members. The Credit Union may terminate a membership of a member who causes or will cause a loss to the Credit Union, or who causes problems or displays violent acts with employees or other members or the Credit Union.

Credit Union members need to maintain a minimum balance of $25 in their share account to remain a member and to be paid dividends. Minors less than 18 may open an account for $5 and have six (6) months to bring that account to the $25. No dividends will be paid until they reach the $25 minimum share. Accounts below the $25 membership with no activity for one year or accounts that are dormant (accounts where mail is undeliverable by the Post Office for nine months) a $5 fee per month may be assessed.