Overdraft Protection

It's hard to imagine living without the convenience of debit cards. They make it easier than ever to make purchases and pay bills. They also make it easier to overdraw your account, resulting in fees and embarrassment. That's why we offer overdraft protection on everyday debit card purchases and ATM transactions. But you must opt-in.

Why Opt In?

Utah Heritage Credit Union's overdraft protection is designed with your protection and convenience in mind. Most people will never overdraw their account. But life doesn't always go as planned and overdrafts do occur. Without overdraft protection, your ATM and everyday debit card transactions may be declined if you attempt to make a transaction without sufficient funds.

Save yourself additional fees and embarrassment by opting-in for Utah Heritage Credit Union's Overdraft Protection.

How to Opt In?

  • Visit any of our four branch offices to complete & sign form
  • Call us at 435-436-8288, and we will mail you an Opt In form

Note: The opt-in rule applies only to ATM and everyday debit card transactions and does not pertain to overdraft protection services associated with written checks or recurring debit transactions, such as regularly scheduled bill payments.