Wire Transfers

Wire transfer services allow you to send and receive guaranteed funds to companies or individuals.

How to Send a Wire Transfer

To send a wire transfer visit your nearest Utah Heritage Credit Union branch. Fees for wire transfers are:
  • Domestic Wire Transfer - $20.00
  • International Wire Transfer - $50.00
  • 2:30pm deadline for same-day transfers.

How to Receive a Wire Transfer

To receive a wire transfer, please provide the following information to the business or individual sending the wire.:
  • Alloya Corporate Credit Union
    184 Shuman Boulevard, Suite 400
    Naperville, IL 60563
  • Wire Routing / Transit Number: 271987635
  • Further Credit to:
    Utah Heritage Credit Union
    84 West Main
    Moroni, UT 84646
  • Wire Routing / Transit Number: 324377338
  • Final Credit To:
    Your Name and Account Number
    Specify Checking or Savings Account

If you have any problems or questions please contact the credit union at 435-436-8288.