Young Savers

It's never too early to learn about money; how to earn it, save it and spend it. And at Utah Heritage Credit Union we have special tools and youth accounts just for you!

You see - managing money isn't all that hard... It just takes discipline.

Like, being able to wait another week or two to buy that new CD or DVD you want. Or knowing that you have a car payment coming up so you have to conserve your cash.

Or maybe you're thinking it's time to start a job so you can earn some serious money. Or maybe you already have a job and you're thinking about buying a car.

Whatever your motive, your credit union can help you develop some good money management skills so you can accomplish all the things in life you want to! Contact us today and find out how.

Youth Savings Account

  • Youth ages 0-17
  • Minimum Balance $25.00
  • Interest bearing in a tiered structure

Youth Account CD

Ages 0-17 have the option of opening a certificate in their account with a $100.00 minimum opening deposit.